PEPITe delivers summer edition of the DATAmaestro cloud analytics platform

LIEGE, Belgium – July 14, 2015 – PEPITe, an independent provider of advanced data analytics and data mining solutions for industrial applications, today announced the Summer Edition of DATAmaestro®, a new and groundbreaking release of the company’s high performance cloud analytics solution.

Easy to use and featuring a simple to interpret comprehensive set of analytics tools and advanced modeling techniques, requiring no coding and minimal statistical knowledge from the user, this new version provides an intuitive workflow and user-friendly interface to deploy predictive analytics applications.


Key features and updates to the DATAmaestro summer release include:

New and enhanced modeling techniques:

  • Additional functionalities for creating attribute sets from models, data reports, etc.

Major increase in performance: new functions to efficiently process big data.

  • Generate functions in JavaScript directly from DATAmaestro models
  • Clone functional attributes
  • Support of Unix time in milliseconds
  • Latest tasks always appear on the top of the task list in the left panel

New and improved visualization features:

  • Ability to choose the color for each symbols for categorical attributes
  • Ability to define the order of symbols for categorical attributes
  • Ability to set the number of buckets for conditional scatter plots
  • Condition attribute names automatically displayed in default title for scatter plots and histograms
  • Horizontal rulers display values for both vertical axes on temporal curves


Decision tree and Histogram examples


DATAserver web services solution

In conjunction with DATAmaestro’s summer release, PEPITe is excited to announce DATAserver, a new web service solution, automating the data extraction, preparation and merging process from multiple production sources. DATAserver and DATAmaestro work hand in hand to offer a robust workflow from raw data to analytics . This brings companies a step closer to quickly and continuously analyze their data in order to achieve understandable, useful and manageable results.


Key features of DATAserver include:

  • Automated data extraction and direct upload to DATAmaestro at regular intervals or at the users request, extending the data collection process, beyond the existing Excel plugin and support for CSV files
  • Native support for JDBC, NOSQL, Historians (OSIsoft PI, Wonderware, Wonderware eDNA, Aspentech InfoPlus.21) and CSV files
  • An open API, allowing the user to easily and quickly develop specific connectors to any custom defined database
  • An HTTP/REST API exposes the DATAserver functionalities allowing for easy integration into web-based environments
  • Easy data analytics with the combination of DATAserver and DATAmaestro

With DATAserver and DATAmaestro, analytics has never been so easy. Read our press release for further information

Advanced analytics in industry

According to Philippe Mack, CEO of PEPITe “It is our goal to make data analytics easy and quick to use for non data science experts. This new release together with the brand new DATAserver component, highly contributes to these challenges. We are proud to deliver an update of these unique analytics capabilities, as well as offering several value added platform solutions, packaging DATAmaestro advanced analytics as a key component.”

The DATAmaestro cloud analytics platform helps manufacturing plants explore variability of past operations, detect abnormal patterns, diagnose root causes of drifts, predict and optimize performance. DATAmaestro fosters collaboration between data scientists, engineers and business users, and makes it easy to adopt and deploy predictive analytics seamlessly and achieve lean operations.


Availability and additional information

The DATAmaestro summer release is already available as a cloud based service, for existing customers. DATAmaestro is offered on an annual or monthly plan, obtainable directly from PEPITe or the company’s network of partners worldwide.

If you want to learn more, you can join the next live webcast training session on Thursday, July 28, 2015. Register via the DATAmaestro webcast page.

For additional information, including product media, video tutorials and a free trial version, visit our website or contact us at +32 4 225 58 10 in Europe or +1 979 985 5555 in the USA.


About PEPITe

PEPITe provides data driven solutions that accelerate diagnostics and improve operations performance for industrial operations. PEPITe started more than 12 years ago as a spin-off company from the University of Liège and is specialised in “industrial data mining and advanced analytics”. The advanced predictive analytics solutions are used by more than 50 customers in many different industries and operational areas to predict and understand root causes, provide analytic features, predictive maintenance, optimize the use of energy and reduce costs. Our professional consultants are passionate about sustainable and lean industry. They guide and educate our customers with a “do more with less” business approach using the most efficient technologies in big data, machine learning and predictive analytics. PEPITe’s products include DATAmaestro® –, a cloud solution for big data and advanced data analytics and ENERGYmaestro® –, a methodology to operate plants at minimum energy consumption, based on advanced data analysis, change management and continuous improvement. To learn more, please visit: