DATAmaestro’s key advantages in a nutshell

PEPITe’s in-house advanced analytics tool, DATAmaestro®, is an innovative approach to operational performance analytics. DATAmaestro is designed to facilitate evaluation of performance gaps, in order to understand causes of variability, is used as an engine to leverage big data and has been designed specifically for industrial applications.

The main advantages of DATAmaestro include:

  • A Comprehensive set of analytics tools: These tools have been selected for their appropriate application to industrial projects and include dendrograms, decision trees, ensemble trees, artificial neural networks, clustering K-means, etc. Furthermore, DATAmaestro facilitates model chaining (sequencing complex analysis tasks).
  • Easy to interpret: Along with a comprehensive set of analytics tools, DATAmaestro boasts key visualisation tools that facilitate results interpretation. These visualisation tools include scatter plots, temporal curves, histograms, decision trees, Pareto, dendrograms, etc.
  • User-friendly platform: Requiring no coding and minimal statistical knowledge from the user.
  • Automatic update capacity: Data can be automatically streamed from Historian systems like Osisoft PI, Wonderware, Wonderware eDNA, Aspentech IP21, LIMS systems, CSV files and so on to DATAmaestro on an on-going basis, where all existing analyses and models will automatically be updated based on new data sets.
  • Fosters collaboration: DATAmaestro fosters collaboration between data scientists, engineers and business users, and makes it easy to adopt and deploy predictive analytics seamlessly and achieve lean operations.
  • Flexible solution: Based entirely on our client’s requirements, DATAmaestro can be provided as a cloud-based solution, can be installed internally to run on a private cloud or internal infrastructure, or alternatively, final models can easily be exported from the system.


Get involved to learn

To learn more and see how easy it is to use, join the next live webcast training session on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Register at our DATAmaestro product website. Here you can also find additional information, including product media, video tutorials and a free trial version. For any questions please contact us at +32 4 225 58 10 in Europe or +1 979 985 5555 in the USA or sent us an e-mail

About PEPITe

PEPITe provides data-driven solutions that accelerate diagnostics and improve performance for resource-productive operations. PEPITe started as a spin-off from the University of Liège and has been active for over 12 years in industrial applications for data mining, machine learning and advanced Big Data analytics. Our success in advanced analytics can be explained by a unique combination of competencies:
DATAmaestro advanced analytics technology enables:

  • Efficient analysis of large quantities of data
  • Performance diagnostics to understand drifts in yield, energy and quality)
  • Model development to identify cost drivers and establish performance benchmarks
  • Configuration of decision support tools and system diagnostics
  • Integration of advanced analytics in Plant Information Management (PIM) System.

PEPITe’s experienced team offers:

  • Analysis and comprehension of processes and equipment in place
  • A solution adapted to the requirements and objectives of the client
  • Integration of best practices as part of any analytics solution

PEPITe’s advanced analytics solutions are used in many different industries and operational areas, including chemicals, fertilisers, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and metallurgy.

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