PEPITe presents at Flanders’ Food – Big data and advanced analytics

PEPITe is proud to be invited to the Flanders’ Food Event “How do I digitalise my factory” on November 24, 2015 in Zwijnaarde, Belgium. The digitization of manufacturing data as part of the Internet of Thing (IoT) ensures that the vast amount of information can be made available to the right person at the right time in the right format. But where do you start? During this seminar, several technology providers show you which solutions can help you get started.

Food and beverage production processes can be very complex and just like other industries are moving rapidly towards automation. Many of these factories are already generating vast amounts of production data, however identifying best practices among hundreds of parameters is not an easy task, especially when data are issued by multiple information systems. Data analytics can be used in different areas of operations from design to manufacturing until after-sales support. Big data processes can help manufacturing plants explore variability of past operations, detect abnormal patterns, diagnose root causes of drifts, predict and optimise performance.

In this presentation PEPITe, a Liège based company specialised in predictive analytic solutions for industry, will show how data analytics may provide interesting new possibilities for the food industry. Highlighting some practical use cases to improve livestock quality and sustainability, reduce energy consumption in the production process of a milk factory and using advanced imaging to automate the quality control in an industrial bakery.

For more information: Flanders Food Event