PEPITe forms partnerships with companies around the world to enhance our offering and provide local support. Establishing lasting partnerships adds value and strengthens the products and services we are proud to stand behind. Our current partners include:

  • Instep Software specializes in predictive analytics and proactive maintenance (PRiSM) and data collection (eDNA). Instep and PEPITe have partnered to provide our customers with powerful data mining, validation and analytic tools that provide access to more accurate or previously inaccessible data.
  • Franz Inc. provides development products for software developers to build sophisticated, flexible applications quickly and easily. PEPITe’s flagship application, PEPITo, was conceived using a Franz development environment and cutting-edge technology. PEPITe continues to work with Franz for technology resources and US distribution of DATAmaestro.
  • Viridity Energy is a leader in custom energy savings systems developed for large energy users. Viridity provides management and software solutions that optimize revenue and performance. PEPITe’s partnership with Viridity strengthens our ENERGYmaestro system technology.
  • IFCS Inc. is the largest software vendor specialized in asset management and computerized maintenance management in Canada. PEPITe relies on IFCS’s expertise in predictive and proactive maintenance to address complex data questions.