Data-Driven Solutions

Data-driven solutions are at the heart of PEPITe’s holistic methodology. Our robust technologies and best practices are grounded in historical data, data validation, and data mining. The nuggets of knowledge extracted from your data and metrics drive process improvement programs for your industry and empower your organization to make quick and reliable decisions.¬†Information has a lifecycle, and this is our vision:

Data Life Cycle


The Information Lifecycle is a continuous improvement process where the decision is the driver. Depending on the decision that a project requires, certain measurements must be taken. The measured values are then stored, cleaned and organized. Next, the values can be analyzed to extract specific knowledge. And with the extracted knowledge, comes the ability to make an informed decision and take action.


Maximize Asset Value

Your process data is valuable. You store vast amounts of data and safeguard it in a data historian. You make your data history available to your operators and engineers and hope they are making the best use of it, but are they only using it as a real-time monitoring tool?

PEPITe wants to help you learn from your own recorded history and improve performance today and be in a better position to forecast scenarios for the future. By maximizing your asset value, you can create sustainable processes that lead to sustainable profit.