What we do

What We Do

With more than 15 years of experience in applying data mining in industrial environments, we know how to make our solutions stick. Armed with PEPITe tools and proven methodology, our team of professionals is committed to uncovering the nuggets that improve efficiency and save energy at your facility.

  • Engineering Experts:  accurately assess and customize solutions for each and every industrial savings scenario.
  • Change Management Consultants:  provide support throughout the transition process to help key individual embrace the solution to establish and sustain gains.
  • Data Mining Experts: apply and oversee the data mining process to ensure performance objectives are reached and maintained.
  • Technical Specialists: develop leading-edge software solutions that are the backbone of our methodology.

Data Mining +

Modern business regards data mining as an increasingly important tool to transform big data into intelligent business decision-making and process management. Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from data. It uses a broad range of tools that include statistics, automatic learning, pattern recognition, database technologies, visualization and artificial intelligence – a mix of technologies that is the core of PEPITe’s DATAmaestro data mining platform.

Advanced technology plays a vital role in our data analysis projects, but to succeed it requires a solid implementation methodology. PEPITe adheres to the CRISP-DM standard (CRoss Industry Standard Process for Data Mining). CRISP-DM was developed by an industry consortium and is the standard methodology for data mining and predictive analytics. This methodology makes large data mining projects faster, cheaper, as well as more reliable and more manageable.

And PEPITe takes it even further while still adhering to the standard; we developed a customized approach to increase the success rate and sustainability of data mining solutions. PEPITe deploys this methodology with the customer as a joint project. By working closely together, the ability to extract valuable knowledge continues beyond the project scope, both in time and content.

For more information, please visit the DATAmaestro product website: www.mydatamaestro.com