Pulp and Paper, a case study

operators optimize their heat recovery system



Resolute Forest Products’s Kénogami operation in Jonquière Quebec pro- duces 210 000 metric tons/year of uncoated groundwood and supercalender paper grades on two modern TMP lines and two paper machines. In recent years, the mill has improved their energy situation by investing in their measurement system and by applying good energy practices. The mill also invested in a new heat recovery system, but they wanted to reduce energy costs even more, so they turned to PEPITe for help.



To achieve and sustain higher energy performance, an improved monitoring methodology was implemented at all levels of the mill that involved everyone from operators to the mill manager and also included a support system for troubleshooting. Several different data mining tools, mill knowledge and exist- ing monitoring practices were combined to:

  1. Build model-based KPIs.
  2. Identify operating conditions that ensure high heat recovery.
  3. Develop smart alarms and actions required to sustain high performance.

Models and smart alarms were implemented and operators were properly trained. The mill started to see significant savings immediately.



  • Projected recurrent savings: $600 000/year without additional CAPEX
  • Better understanding of energy cost drivers
  • Ability to quickly and objectively explain energy variations
  • TMP heat recovery was sustained at a high level, even in winter
  • Good return on investment for the heat recovery system